Midlife Intermission - The Nest

Return Address – The Nest

Dear Daughter,

You are little with serious eyes and a determined attitude – “Emma see, Emma see.”

That is who you are in my mind.

You are suddenly tall and gangly with a dry wit that loves to entertain us – “Watch me, watch me.”

That is who you are in my mind.

You are riding off on your bike to your first job as a soccer referee and then suddenly you are driving there on your own in that old car we had been saving for you.

That is who you are in my mind.

You are so organized in your studies and so NOT in your closet – “I’ll clean up later, later Ma.” You are witty and comical and now you entertain us with videos you created for Instagram or Snaps in our family chat. You love our brutally honest dinner table sessions so you can flex your sarcastic muscles – “Hashtag Family Roast.”

That is who you are today.

I can see you through the years like a picture book of memories – all there in my mind. And this week when you got your acceptance letter to college, I could see who you will become. I am proud. I am excited to see your adventures and hear your stories. I am bursting with happiness for you. My mind is prepared for your next step. My heart? She’s having trouble believing it is coming so soon. Seems like you just got here…

You were the first one to make me a mother. The morning you were born I knew that I had been given the most remarkable baby and I stayed awake almost 24 hours just marveling at you. Your little face was the most beautiful masterpiece I’d even seen.

You were the first one to shine such a pure love into my heart that only a child can. Each time a mother meets the child she had been preparing to greet for nine months, it is truly the most magical moment in her life and you were the first to give me that gift.

You have gone on to be the first child to do so many things in our house – although your brother and sister beat you to the E.R. and O.R. respectively. You were the first one in the nest and now you are the first one out. And my teary-eyed heart wants to wrap its imaginary arms around your legs and hold on for dear life… You want to go to Panera with your friends and bring my heart back a salad.

This is the way it is supposed to be though. You do not belong to us; we merely get the honor of raising you and then watching you fly off on your own.

Remember I will be cheering for you from our nest. I will keep a place warm for you to always return when you need us. I will be on call, day and night, to support you in all the ‘firsts’ that are yet to come your way.

My mind and my heart can already see who you will be tomorrow and I know that you will fly high sweet daughter.

Love, Mom

  • Doug MacCallum
    Posted at 17:38h, 07 September Reply

    This is so beautiful and heart warming!

  • Tracy Lydon
    Posted at 17:50h, 07 September Reply

    Omg! I can’t stop crying! Beautifully written Jess. That is how every mother feels. Congratulations on your 1st masterpiece getting into college! Xoxo

  • Amy Wedemeyer
    Posted at 09:12h, 09 September Reply

    Oh Jess! This makes me cry. It goes so fast. I love this post.

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