Camino de Santiago – Part 2

(*Please note this a compilation of social media posts from Spain – forgive all typos & grammatical errors.)

Day 4

  • Pack up and leave the room in the tower.
  • Today we will cover extensive ground and we begin going uphill. It looks like home, maybe I’m hiking at Radner Lake or Percy Werner Park.
  • Suddenly we lose the green for ash. There has been a fire. But life pushes through and I see beautiful purple flowers among the char.
  • We see Celtic ruins from 4 B.C. Breathtaking.
  • Keep climbing. The sun shines bright and my mind settles into a rhythm.
  • My mood is calm even though I am ascending higher and higher and panting louder and louder.
  • Past the halfway point, we get a reprieve from the hills but they have not totally left us.
  • I think we are at the end but in fact we must continue 3 more miles. Trickery.
  • Since I have not eaten yet I am anxious to get to the final destination as much for my stomach as my feet.
  • Croquets, octopus, spicy fried peppers. Delicious.
  • The night’s lodging is quant with painted blue windows and lace curtains against a backdrop of stone and Spanish tile.
  • Dinner does not disappoint again and the pattern continues.
  • 15 miles closer.

Happy pilgrim.

Day 5

  • Warmer again today. Each day is requiring one less layer.
  • Sunshine greets us as we begin walking.
  • We see many villages today but most are small and we pass through quickly.
  • A stop in a beautiful little church provides a moment of reflection an
  • d prayer.
  • We walk through what feels like old trenches with trees flanking each side and their roots brushing our pant legs.
  • As a group we enjoy lunch that includes pulpo (octopus) and Spanish tortilla.
  • 6km to go and very full.
  • The new lodging for tonight offers a colorful fall view.
  • Tonight’s dinner is extra special because of a birthday and lots of singing. La tuni plays for us.
  • Best night’s sleep so far.
  • 13 miles closer.

Buen Camino.

Day 6

  • Each day we begin where we ended. One day the place is a welcome place of rest and community for weary pilgrims and the next day it is a launching pad into a new day.
  • Today is a day for bells… church bells and cow bells ring across the countryside.
  • At the halfway point our guides surprise us with a lovely picnic – we toast another birthday.
  • Along the way I see delicate purple flowers and a fellow pilgrim uses them to make a crown in my hair.
  • The last stage I find myself alone for a very long stretch. I don’t see anyone as I walk through the woods and I find myself feeling uncomfortable… am I lost? Am I headed toward danger? I remind myself of the words of the guide to trust the Camino. I am going the right way.
  • We all rest tonight after 12 more miles.
  • Tomorrow is the last long day of walking and I want to remember every step.

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