jessica pettyBorn in the South and raised in Nashville, I am fluent in the language of family suppers, handpicked wildflowers on the table, and the art of taming curly hair in oppressive humidity.

I get to live my days with a man who loves me and makes me laugh, a trio of the best kids in the world who give me the title of mom, and a crew of the most supportive, encouraging, slightly kooky family and friends.

In my professional life I’ve had many amazing jobs that took me all over the U.S. and for one year, the world.  I have learned and accomplished more than I could have ever dreamed laying on my back in the quietest fields of my small town confessing my hearts desires to my journal.

At the start of my 41st year of life, I decided to leave work behind to take a real break – a true pause in the action – a one-year sabbatical.

At the conclusion of that mid-life intermission I knew I wanted to change direction professionally and truthfully, my personal goals have changed as well. Today I define myself more by my actions and less by titles or labels.


That’s me.

My days are now more about building up others and strengthen my community. My quest for knowledge means I am always learning and engaging in conversations to share with others. My love of the written word inspires me to share my own perspectives and connect with yours.

If you have every thought of changing direction in your life or want to learn more about my journey, let’s connect!